Children’s House (Foundation Stage)


Foundation Stage can accommodate up to 66 children. Children starting from the age of 3 are looked after in 4 mixed-age groups until they are eligible for admission to elementary school.  


Our Foundation Stage is located at Ravensbergweg 30, between Babelsberg and Potsdam Waldstadt and can be easily reached by public transport.

Everything under one roof...

Right next to our Foundation Stage, older children attend our International Elementary School and our Alfred Nobel Comprehensive School.

Our extensive grounds provide space for everyone and include a large playground, an athletic field and a water playground.
The forest bordering three sides of the school offers various interesting options:  

  • an adventure playground
  • possibilities for field trips
  • nature studies
  • wildlife in the immediate neighborhood

The rooms in our Foundation Stage offer space to play, learn and relax.

Our diversified daily activities give the children the opportunity to pursue their individual interests. Art, music and exercise are all equally important.


We offer a varied and stimulating program which includes musical education, soccer and gymnastics as well as other fun and interesting activities.


We follow the principles founded by Maria Montessori. She created the concept of the child as the “creator of himself“.  


One of the fundamental concepts of the Montessori Method is the encouragement to Help me to do it myself.

Each child has a group teacher. Additionally, we have several native English speaking teachers onsite.