Welcome to the Foundation Stage in Potsdam


Preschool is regarded as the most important phase in a child’s development. Educators and psychologists credit this phase with an especially positive effect on the development and the character formation of children, during this period traditions are being taught, interests revealed and abilities nurtured. (see "Nationaler Bund", 1981, Page 145).

Our Preschool at the Children’s House is part of an integrative educational system, designed to prevent children from suddenly having to enter a radically changed learning environment when they start elementary school.

At our preschool children approach learning by playing. They are supervised by competent English language teachers who carefully prepare them for elementary school.

The children are introduced to the school environment by guiding appropriate behaviors, practicing the way to school, learning the school rules, and by getting to know the school children and the teaching methods used at our elementary school.


We intend to start a cooperation with the "Waldschule" (forest school), in order to offer our children the opportunity to participate in nature projects.
The preparation for elementary school is the main goal of the daily routine at the kindergarten, with games, projects and activities.